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Air Force Weather



Roster Updated February 2020!

June 1987 AWS Observer!
Celebrating 50 years.

Go back 25 years in our history

AWS Forecaster Memo 300-005 now online
Single Station Analysis & Forecasting
Conversion Tables, Miscellaneous Charts

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Lost Members - Do you know where any of them are? Updated February 2020

Our AWA 2020 Reunion in Williamsburg is postponed due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak and its many ramifications. The AWA Board of Directors will consider alternate dates in 2021 and post them immediately when a decision is made.

Current news, latest award winners, interesting info from members, and more...

Major General John W. Collens III  Nov. 14, 1924 Feb. 25, 2019

YouTube Memorial Day tribute to fallen weathermen. Thanks to CMSGt (Ret)Craig Kirwin.

AWS Organizational Chart from Feb 1949

A History of the Military Polar Orbiting Meteorological Satellite Program

Ret. Col. Roy Brunner had the honor of cutting the cake at the Saturday Dinner.  He gave an amazing talk about changes in weather since WWII.  His talk is available on YouTube through the link below. The video is about 4 1/2 minutes and he received a standing ovation.  It is worth the time. 

YouTube video of Roy Brunner

AWA REUNION pictures.  Click on Reunion Pics from left side menu.

Air Force Weather Agency redesignated as 557th Weather Wing

Air Force Weather: Our Heritage, 1937-2012 Second Edition now available!

Air Weather Service: A Brief History 1937-1991 now available as well. 
Contains information not covered in any other history booklet.

 the 8th Air Force Museum 

  A series of Vietnam photos courtesy of the Pete Micale collection.  Take a look here.

 The Library section has been completely revamped to include links to all available printed material along with many new folders containing over 1000 images from our past.  Some of these images are before World War I with images from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Aircraft, Weather Instruments and Equipment and more.  Use the "Library" link on the left side menu to begin your visit.

Searching for WWII information?  Try this link.

 26WS photos circa 1944-45 courtesy Craig Kirwin
 Photos from Phillips Airfield, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD in 1955
 Photos from Soc Trang, Vietnam taken by Ken Daly back in 1964-1965.

The Air Weather Association is now on facebookfacebook


If you aren't an AWA member yet, applications for the $9 Lifetime Membership are at  

Want to see what the weather business was like in the early 1940's?
Many interesting images were found in the Library of Congress archives and have been put together here. 
The vast majority are of the Weather Bureau offices that were and to a certain extent still are at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C.  You can take a trip back in time here.

Harmon AFB images. Courtesy of Ed Taggart

Det 16, 18th WS, Bordeaux France.  Courtesy Bob Edwards

A pictorial series from Korea, some during the war.

Over 120 photographs from WW II and before...many illustrate pieces of weather equipment.

Received several C-130 pictures of former WC-130's that have begun new lives! 

The AFWA History office has sent us numerous cd's with lots of historical information and images that are being cataloged here.  The first set to be stored is a 1st Weather Wing history from 1954 to 1968.  We also have, so far, a set of images that all have aircraft in them.  Many are from the 55th, 56th and 58th Weather Recon Squadrons.  No info is available other than the image so if you can provide some details, we will add that to the image.  The images have been shrunk down for the web but we have the high quality images available.  If you would like any of the images sent to you, please contact the webmaster.

Thanks to the AFWA History folks for giving us a great deal of information during the reunion.  A partial listing has been added with more to come soon.  They put together an "Air Force Weather Professional Reading List" on CD-ROM that is now available here for the first time.  These files are quite large and will take some time to download.  All are in Adobe PDF format. Click here for the latest.
AFWA complied a "Heritage Celebration" video that was previewed at the Omaha reunion banquet.  The video is available as a Windows Media download and as a Real Player download video.  Also available as a streaming video.  You will need Macromedia Flash to view the streaming video.

AFWA History office put together picture postcards for table decorations at the banquet.  Here are the complete series of photos throughout the years.  See them here!

Weather Tech Manual list and Equipment Listing

Hurricane Katrina - Stories, Pictures, Links and More...

Chief Justice Rehnquist - AWA member

The Air Weather Association (AWA), a nonprofit, all volunteer association of nearly 5,000 past and present members of US Air Force Weather units including ANG, USAFR and US Army Air Corps units, salutes all individuals presently serving in US Air Force Weather units.
Please know that we support you and your mission.  We thank you for your great work, your sacrifices and those of your families, and for your commitment to duty, honor, country.
We send best wishes to you and your families for good health, safety, happiness and for great success in all endeavors worldwide.


The ROSTER is now available online for members only!  You will have to get a username and password to view the roster.  Please include your name in your request so it can be checked off the roster and then you will be e-mailed your username and password in a text file.  If the webmaster can't verify your name against the roster, your access will not be approved. Get your user ID and Password now.  Please keep in mind that the roster is a fluid document that is continually under revision.  It will be updated online periodically.  The revisions will have a date at the top of the pages to show when it was last updated.  Please DO NOT send any changes (address, phone, etc.) to the webmaster.  Any revisions to the database need to be sent to the AWA Locator, Steve Walden, at:

If you received your username and password, view the Roster now!
Please remember, the user name and password have a mix of UPPER and lower case letters along with special characters.  You must enter them exactly as they were sent to you.

Visit the Weather Recon web site for news about the Air Weather Reconnaissance Association (AWRA).

Visit the 6th Weather Squadron Alumni Association

Visit the Combat Weather Site at  for Special Forces news.  

Army Meteorology web site!  Packed with lots of good info.

 At the request of many AWA members, a Necrology (departures) section is added for the information of all members.  Submissions can be sent to the AWA Newsletter Editor at

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For more info, Contact  AWA Chairman, Kevin Lavin
For Locator info or Address change, Contact Steve Walden

AWA Webmaster  Jim DeCarufel

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