***Serving the Present – Remembering the Past – Air Force Weather***



Volume 16                                                                                                                                           February 2004




     The next Air Weather Association reunion will be held 28 April – 2 May 2004 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. All members are invited to attend. If you are not a member of the Air Weather Association (AWA) yet, copy the application form from the AWA Web site (, pay the $9 lifetime fee, and register early for this distinctive reunion. If you need a paper application, please contact the AWA volunteer board of directors noted on page 4.


     Hyko Gayikian, a founding member of the AWA and its Space Coast chapter, organized the 1986 reunion, and  Welcomes all — back to the Beach!

     As he stated in ’86,  To those of you who have come for the business meeting, seminars, technical and scientific discussions, or lectures, you’re in for a big disappointment.  To those of you who have come to see friends, renew old acquaintances, enjoy fresh seafood, relax in the sun, swap lies (remember, it is a breach of reunion etiquette to contradict anybody else’s version of past events) and to have fun — this reunion is for you!   See page 2 for a little history on the AWA and reunions from Hyko.


     Don Farrington, the reunion organizer on the board of directors, along with director Bob Thompson have arranged tours, dinners, a golf tournament and other activities to hopefully please all members, spouses and guests. The reunion registration form is on pages 7 and 8.  Please complete the form, cut the page from the newsletter and mail it to Don with a check for payment of fees by 1 April 2004.


     More reunion details are enclosed in this newsletter. If you have any suggestions to enhance this reunion or for locations and time-of-year for the 2006 reunion, please don’t hesitate to let the directors know by phone, mail or e-mail. 


     The 1986 reunion in Cocoa Beach had 450 attendees.  There is room for many more in 2004 – sign up NOW and spread the word! 

New Director of Weather

      On 15 July 2003, Brig. Gen. Thomas E. Stickford became the Director of Weather, Deputy Chief of Staff for Air and Space Operations, Hqs. U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Air Force Deputy to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin- ministration (NOAA), As  functional  manager  for the U.S. Air Force weather career  field, he is responsible for the development of doctrine, policy, requirements and standards for weather support to the Air Force, the Army, unified commands and the national intelligence community.

     The general was commissioned in 1976 as a distinguished graduate of the University of Colorado’s ROTC program. A command pilot with more than 5,000 flying hours, he has commanded at the squadron (KC-10), group (KC-135) and wing    (C-9, C-21) levels. During Operation Allied Force (Kosovo crisis, 1999), he deployed as the theater Tanker Director, responsible to the Combined Forces Air Component Commander for all tanker operations, which included more than 200 NATO aircraft at 13 bases in 11 countries.

      His staff experience includes positions as KC-135/KC-10 program element monitor and programmer, Headquarters U.S. Air Force; Deputy Chief, Strategic Planning Team, Legislative Affairs Officer and Deputy Chief, Commander’s Action Group, Headquarters U.S. Transportation Command; and Chief, Global Mobility Division, Headquarters U.S. Air Force. Prior to his current position, the general was the Inspector General, Air Mobility Command,ScottAirForceBase,Illinois. We welcome BGen Thomas Stickford and his wife Lisa to the AWA!




By Hyko Gayikian


    Before the AWA was formally organized by Major General (Ret) John Collens, some Air Weather Service (AWS) alumni in Colorado Springs organized and conducted the first worldwide reunion.  This 1982 reunion attracted about 500 people.  Lew Neyland suggested to that crowd that the next one should be held in Cocoa Beach and the attendees’ yelled approval.  So, in late 1985 we organized a reunion to be held the first week of May in 1986.  It was dubbed “WX-86” and about 450 attended. 

     Many readers probably never heard of these first two reunions because the organizers did not have an extensive address list to get the word out.  We primarily had a compilation of Christmas–card lists from a few members.  We also had a list of AWS alumni in the western U.S. compiled by (the late) Milt Sipple and a D.C. area list maintained by (the late) Kneeland “Bull” Durham.

     At “WX-86” it was decided the next reunion should be a West Coast venue.  John Collens volunteered Sacramento.  In addition, we decided to develop a comprehensive list.  We had the lists mentioned above and the attendance lists from the two reunions for a good start.  We divided the country into sections and I took the southeast.  Dayton Blanchard took the southwest plus lower Mississippi; “Bull” Durham took the east central and northeast, Vern Snead the midwest east of the Mississippi, Bob Gottuso the area west of the Mississippi to the Rockies and north of Oklahoma, and Milt Sipple continued with the western third.  At “WX-86”, I added 25 cents to each attendee’s fee as seed money for the next reunion.  John Collens took $100 and used it to form the Air Weather Association as a nonprofit 501c(19) organization in 1987.  The $100 later went to start the “Outstanding Airmen (Trust) Fund.”

     “WX-86” was a simple affair in terms of structured activities.  Many attendees came from colder climes and the weather in Cocoa Beach the first week of May was perfect for sunning on the beach or at the Holiday Inn pool.  Some attendees went to the Cape to the museum or 5 miles south to Patrick AFB.  We did organize a banquet and an optional all-day cruise on Sunday instead of the now traditional Sunday Brunch.     

     There is so much more to do now.  The Holiday Inn still has a great pool and beach area, tennis courts and other amenities including a kid’s pool with a water slide (in case you bring your grandchildren).  Port Canaveral is now the second busiest cruise port in the U.S. so you can tack on a 3, 4 or 7-day cruise, before or after the reunion.  And of course, Orlando with its three theme parks (Disney, Universal and Sea World) is only an hour away.  The Kennedy Space Center museum has been expanded and there is a separate AF Space & Missile Museum on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  The all-day cruise is no more, but a shorter version goes out twice daily so you still have the opportunity to win/lose at slots or tables – and it’s free – they’ll even pick you up at the hotel.  If you want to shop, the famous Ron Jon’s is nearby and the trolley goes up and down Hwy A1A.

     If you came to “WX-86”, you will recall how much fun it was, and if you didn’t attend, don’t miss this one because the biggest draw of all is seeing and reuniting with your friends from bygone days.  And, don’t let being alone stop you from signing up – there are many of us in that category now.   See you soon!

New National Weather Service Director Named


      Brig. Gen. (Ret.) David L. Johnson was appointed as the new assistant administrator for Weather Services at NOAA’s National Weather Service on 9 January 2004.  He will be responsible for the day-to-day management of NOAA’s domestic weather and hydrology operations.  “Weather affects nearly $3 trillion of the U.S. gross domestic product. Economic sectors and the public are increasingly looking to NOAA for information to improve efficiencies and manage environmental resources,” said retired Navy Vice Adm. Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Ph.D., under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator. “General Johnson has the experience, knowledge and talent to not only manage the National Weather Service and support its mission, but also to move it forward into new and expanded capabilities.”

     Prior to joining NOAA, General Johnson served as the U.S. Air Force Director of Weather.  He retired from the Air Force as a brigadier general, after a 30-year military career.  “I am extremely fortunate and proud to be heading the National Weather Service as part of NOAA’s team,” Johnson said.  “The investment of our nation and NOAA staff is already enormously significant, and I am eager to begin building on that with the dedicated talent at the National Weather Service and NOAA.  All Americans have come to rely on timely, accurate, focused information and I look forward to working closely with NOAA staff as well as existing and new partners to keep pace with evolving and fast accelerating national needs.”


     Brig. Gen. (Ret.) John (Jack) J. Kelly, Jr., the previous NWS director, was appointed as the deputy undersecretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere.  He retired from the Air Force director of weather position in 1994.


     Thanks to Jim DeCarufel, the AWA volunteer webmaster, the AWA Web site is being updated periodically with news, upcoming events and (sadly) a growing list of departures. The cost of the site server is reasonable at $120 per year paid for by member donations. All members are invited to send news/articles for posting to  See the Web site at:




     Each Spring, The Air Force Director of Weather announces the winners of the Air Force Weather (AFW) Annual Awards for the previous year.  The Air Weather Association (AWA) also provides recognition to the five individuals winning the AFW Outstanding Company Grade Officer, Civilian, Senior NCO, NCO and Airman of the Year awards.  These five are honored with the AWA John and Barbara Collens Award for leadership. 

     Major General (Ret) John Collens III, the 15th Commander of the Air Weather Service, formally founded the AWA in 1987.  He and his wife Barbara led the association to many successes including supporting fund raising efforts for individual and group causes (caring for our own), organizing AWA reunions every two years and growing the membership that now is near 5,000.  They accomplished this all in the spirit of “Serving the Present – Remembering the Past – Air Force Weather”. General Collens retired from the AWA Board of Directors at the end of 1994.  To remember and honor the great unselfish work of both he and his wife, the annual AWA $100 gifts to Outstanding Air Force Weather personnel were named the AWA John and Barbara Collens awards. 


AWARDS presented in 2003           

Brig. Gen. David L. Johnson, Air Force Director of Weather (AF/XOW) announced the winners of the 2002 Air Force Weather Awards on 1 April 2003. General Johnson stated, “It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the CY 2002 Air Force Weather (AFW) Awards.  All AFW personnel performed superbly during a demanding, high ops tempo year, which made selecting the winners extremely difficult.  The selected winners epitomize the efforts of the entire AFW community and all can share the pride of a job well done.”

Outstanding AFW Company Grade Officer (Grisham Award) : 1 Lt Troy Kirk, Det 2, 10 CWS Ft. Campbell, KY (AFSOC).

Outstanding AFW Civilian (Jenner Award): Dr Christy Crosiar, 30 WS Vandenberg AFB, CA (AFSPC).


Outstanding AFW Weather Senior Noncommissioned Officer (Gardner Award): MSgt James Vinson, 2 WF, 18 ASOG FT McPherson, GA (ACC)

Outstanding AFW Non-Commissioned Officer (Pierce Award):  TSgt Glen Demars, 18 OSS/OSW Kadena AB, Japan (PACAF)

Outstanding AFW Weather Airman (Dodson Award): SRA Amy Acker, Hq AFWA/XOGS Offutt AFB, NE (AFWA)

The five Outstanding individuals above also received the Air Weather Association John and Barbara Collens Annual Awards. The AWA Chairman, on behalf of all AWA members, sent a congratulatory letter along with an AWA check for $100 (out of the Outstanding Airmen Trust Fund) to the supervisor of each of the five winners in April 2003 for presentation at a suitable ceremony.


AWA sends Congratulations and Best Wishes for Continued Success to all other AF Weather Individual and Unit Award Winners —


Barney Award (Outstanding AFW Field Grade Officer): Maj Paul Roelle, AFCCC/DOM Asheville, NC (AFWA).

Best Award, Officer Category (Outstanding Staff Support): Maj Peter Clement, 18 WS Pope AFB, NC (ACC).

Best Award, Enlisted Category (Outstanding Staff Support): SMSgt Ralph Getzandanner, USSOCOM/SOOP MacDill AFB, FL (USSOCOM)

Best Award, Civilian Category (Outstanding Staff Support): Mr Stan Tkach, Hq ACC/DOW Langley AFB, VA (ACC)
Merewether Award (Most Significant Technical Contribution):  Capt Phillips, Mr. Havener, MSgt Schupp, TSgt Wilkins. SSgt Wright, and SSgt Shaw, AFCCC/DON, Asheville, NC (AFWA)

Zimmerman Award (Best Application Of Climatology): Capt Schrumpf, Capt Seaman, Herr Strauss, and Herr Bundenthal, USAFE/OWS Sembach AB, GE (USAFE).

Spengler Award (Most Outstanding AFW Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA)):  SMSgt Thomas Needham, (ACC), and Maj Brent Shaw (AFWA)

Unit Awards:

Grimes/Williams Award (Outstanding Weather Flight): 24th Special Tactics SQ/Gold Flight Pope AFB, NC (AFSOC)

Moorman Award (Outstanding Specialized Weather Unit): AFWA/XPS Offutt AFB, NE (AFWA)

Fawbush-Miller Award (Outstanding Operational Weather Squadron (OWS)): 28th Operational Weather Squadron, Shaw AFB, SC (ACC).

Collens Award (Outstanding Air National Guard Weather Flight):  146th Weather Flight, Pittsburgh IAP, Coraopolis, PA (ANG). 



Membership in the Air Weather Association continues to increase to near 5,000, but slowly even though the lifetime fee is $9.  Please invite others to join or give them a gift membership.  Anyone who is serving or has served in a U.S. Air Force or Army Air Force weather unit at anytime, including aerial reconnaissance and training units, is eligible.  See the Web site ( for an application or contact a board member for one.

With more members and funds, we can continue providing annual awards to outstanding Air Force Weather individuals, organizing the biennial reunions, and have a better chance of obtaining more volunteers to become board members who can help accomplish all tasks involved in running the association and getting the publications out on time.


Air Weather Association Board Members to correspond with as necessary:

J. Kevin Lavin, Chairman and Newsletter Editor

1697 Capri Way

Charlottesville VA 22911-3534

(434) 296-2832 or 9966


Clifford D. Kern, Treasurer

1879 Cole Road

Aromas CA 95004-9681

(831) 726-1660


Donald G. Farrington, Reunion Organizer

4149 Silver Hill Court

Snellville GA 30039-6978

(770) 985-2240


Wayne E. McCollom
1606 Bermuda Drive

O’Fallon IL 62269-2981

(618) 632-8387


Robert E. Thompson 
226 Sailboat Circle

Cocoa FL 32926-2563

(321) 631-5315


Steve Walden, Locator - Address Changes

6217 N Mayfair Circle

Williamsburg VA 23188-1789


A. James DeCarufel, Webmaster

125 Stoneledge Place NE

Leesburg VA 20176-4958



The AWA board of directors is made up of volunteers elected by the membership at reunions.  Two slots are vacant and the current board members have been serving for near ten years. 


Nominations for new board members are greatly needed.  Please consider volunteering and/or excite others that have the time/energy to volunteer.  Nominations can be submitted to any current board member and are needed by 1 April 2004.



More Opportunities for camaraderie and fun -




     Enjoy a relaxing and excellent sightseeing, roundtrip, 12-night cruise from Baltimore, MD to Quebec, Canada.  Along the way you will see the Fall leaf colors stopping at  Bar Harbor, Maine. Next stops are at Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia before sailing into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to Quebec.  On the return to Baltimore you will have all-day stops at Boston and Martha's Vineyard.  Fellow AWAers, John & Barbara Collens, have already booked this cruise aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines' "CROWN".  They have sailed aboard this ship before.  No crowds such as you contend with on the mega-ships, excellent service, all the amenities you would expect on a 12-night cruise.  HURRY! New England/Canada Fall Leaf- Looking cruises sell out early.  As of November 2003 cabins with balconies and some outside accommodations were already sold out.   Go to the Web site address: for more detail.  Then contact GALAXSEA at 800-827-2297 to make your reservation (ASK FOR SANDRA CLARK; identify with COLLENS GROUP).  The price is a bargain starting at $1446 per person for an inside cabin up to outside superior cabins at $1819, both all inclusive of taxes, etc.  Suites may be available at a higher price.  Only the airfare and onboard gratuities are extra.  Sailing date is October 5, 2004.  If enough of us (16 people) book this cruise  we will split the "free" cabin $$$$ among all traveling on this tour; no one rides free.




     The next AWRA Reunion is scheduled to be held in  Sacramento from 10-14 October 2004 at the Red Lion Hotel, 1401 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815. Local Number: 916-922-8041; Out of area: 800-733-5466 Rates: $79 + taxes (single or double occupancy); Suites available at additional cost.

Banquet: Wednesday Night 10/13/04; Buffet: New York Sirloin, Grilled Salmon, Salad, Chocolate Mousse
Wine Country Tour: 10/12/04 (limited seating; 1st come 1st served)

Hotel runs courtesy shuttle within 5 miles of hotel: Includes State Capitol, Old Sacramento, Sutter Fort, McClellan Museum, California Railroad Museum
Shuttle from Airport is $12/person one-way. Make

reservations at 1-800-BLUE-VAN.  All major car rentals available at the airport.

Reunion Manager:  Harald Davis: Tel: 800-506-9070;    or contact AWRA President Robert (Bob) Tuttle at e-mail

More About AWA REUNION 2004 


Schedule of activities planned thus far –

Wednesday, 28 April 2004 Primarily an early arrival day.

     4:00pm The AWA reunion registration and information desk opens in the reunion hospitality room  at the Holiday Inn. [NOTE: The AWA desk will be open each day.  All reunion attendees need to check-in at the AWA desk as soon as possible upon arrival to confirm their registrations and receive their nametags and welcome packets. A bulletin board will also be nearby to post messages, activity changes and general information.]

     10:30pm  Hospitality room closes. 

Thursday, 29 April 2004:

     7:30am The AWA reunion registration and information desk opens.

     8:30am – 12:00pm Tour to Patrick AFB via shuttle bus to see WC-130 Static Display.  Cost for buses $7 each person.  (Handicapped can take own car for easier parking and drop-off, if they have approved pass/decal)

     1:00pm – 4:30pm  Tour AF Space & Missile Museum on Cape Canaveral AF Station.  Cost for buses $10 per person.

     Evening - separate unit/squadron alumni association dinners may be scheduled at the Hotel or local restaurants. CONTACT YOUR UNIT CHAIRPERSON for more information. 

     11:00pm  Hospitality room closes.

Friday, 30 April 2004:

     7:30am  The AWA reunion registration and information desk opens.

      8:30am – 3:30pm – Tour Kennedy Space Center with full-time tour guide.  Cost of $46 per person covers transportation, tour guides and complete tour.

     12:00 noon Golf Tournament at Sam’s Executive  Golf Course.  This 58 par course is owned by member Irv Kuehnast and his son. Transportation from the Hotel to/from the Golf Course will be arranged for those that don’t have their own vehicles.  A shotgun start is scheduled for 1 PM. Teams will be determined by Thursday afternoon and posted in the reunion Hospitality room.  The $25 fee covers green fees, carts and prizes.  About 10 sets of golf clubs are available for rent at the clubhouse. 


Evening: 7:00pm – 10:00pm Buffet Dinner in the Holiday Inn ballroom.  The first 420 to register will be in the ballroom; others will be in adjacent rooms.           

       11:30pm Hospitality room closes.

Saturday, 1 May 2004:

     7:30am The AWA reunion registration and information desk opens.

     8:30am   Meetings may be scheduled in the Hotel for unit/squadron associations.  Active duty Air Force leaders have been invited to brief interested attendees on current AF Weather programs and future plans.

      8:30am – 3:30pm – Tour Kennedy Space Center with full-time tour guide.  Cost of $46 per person covers transportation, tour guides and complete tour.


      Evening:  6:00pm Social hour and 7:00pm Banquet dinner in the ballroom and adjacent meeting rooms.  The first 420 registrants will be seated in the ballroom -- so send in registrations early. Other attendees will be seated in adjacent rooms.  Entrée choices are on the registration form.

       11:30pm  Hospitality room closes. 

Sunday, 2 May 2004:

     8:00am  The AWA reunion registration and information desk opens.

     8:00am to 10:30am  Reunion Brunch is served in the Hotel Ballroom at $12 per person. 

     11:00 AM Reunion adjourns.

Attendees are most welcome to take self tours of attractions in the area as mentioned in Hyko’s column on page 2.  Information will be available at the AWA registration/information desk on local attractions.

Climatic conditions for Cocoa Beach for the reunion period will be: Mean daily high = 83 F;  Mean daily low = 63 F.  Showers will hopefully be few and far between.

For Reunion updates -- Please watch the AWA Web site at for updates. Please forward any questions, comments, concerns and suggestions to the AWA Chairman at (434) 296-2832 or or the Reunion Organizer at (770) 985-2240 or



WC-130 Static Display Tour Description:

     The first planned event of the reunion will begin with a trip to Patrick AFB to see an exhibit of the famous "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft; the WC-130 and crew. The WC-130 aircraft are based out of Keesler AFB, MS and feature a basic crew of 6 people: Aircraft Commander, Co-pilot, Navigator, Flight Meteorologist, Flight Engineer, and Dropsonde Operator.  This airplane is a modification of the Lockheed family of the famous 'Hercules' that do everything from hauling freight to dropping troops to making searches at sea and in this case primarily performing reconnaissance on tropical storms. The particular aircraft on display has probably been inside hundreds of hurricanes and typhoons. These "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft are approaching their 40th birthday and still going strong. The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron is a member of the Air Force Reserve Command and is the only military unit in the world with this mission.  The visit will take about 1 1/2 hours with the first busload of people leaving the reunion hotel at 8:30 AM. Cost of the bus is $7 per person and the tour and visit with the crew is free. Persons wishing to see this aircraft must ride on the reunion bus due to security concerns. No one will be admitted who does not ride on the bus provided.


Air Force Space and Missile Museum at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Tour Description:

     The Air Force Space and Missile Museum at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, is the site of NASA's unmanned launches, which features a collection of rockets used in the early days of space exploration, can only be visited as part of this Cape Canaveral tour.  Early launches from Cape Canaveral Air Station included the 5 May 1961, suborbital space flight of Navy Cmdr. Alan B. Shepard Jr. and America's first manned orbital flight by Marine Lt. Col. John H. Glenn Jr. on 20 Feb 1962.  Stops include the hanger where Mercury astronauts lived and worked, the Air Force Space and Missile Museum, Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and launch pads for Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions.   This tour will only happen on Thursday afternoon and is limited to 250 people.  Cost is $10.00.   


Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Tour Description:

     The bus tour with full-time tour guides will start and end at the Holiday Inn.  At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex the U.S. space program is explored through multimedia displays, IMAX films, Astronaut Encounter programs (allows visitors to greet men and women involved in the space program, and hear tales of their experiences) and a bus tour of the space center.

    Highlights at the visitor complex includes a moon rock, touch a piece of Mars, actual spacecraft, a shuttle replica and the Rocket Garden, where space equipment traces the program's development. A wildlife exhibit focuses on the wonders of nature.  The 300-seat Universe Theater shows a 15-minute film about the possibility of life on other planets.  Robot Scouts is an exhibit, which provides information about NASA's ongoing Mars missions.  The two IMAX theaters which are back-to-back, are both equipped with five-story screens, each seating 400 and with incredible sound systems put the audiences right on the launch pads and into orbit during film presentations shot by astronauts in "The Dream is Alive (39 minutes)" and "Space Station" (45 minutes).
     The self-paced bus tour includes stops at Launch Complex (LC) 39, where the 60-foot LC 39 Observation Gantry tower provides views of KSC's shuttle launch pads; the International Space Station Center, where visitors can walk through full-size models of space station modules and watch space station components being readied for use; and the Apollo/Saturn V center, featuring an audiovisual presentation, interactive displays and a 363-foot moon rocket.  See one of the largest buildings in the world, The Vehicle Assembly Building.   There are many restaurants and snack bars available throughout the park, where you may enjoy the lunch of your choice (lunch is not included in the tour fee).

      Tours are scheduled for Friday and Saturday and the limit is 150 people per day.  Cost is $46 per person.  The Kennedy Space Center has other tours for individuals; tickets can be purchased at the gate to Kennedy for $29 and up.




Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort – Cocoa Beach

1300 North Atlantic Avenue

Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931


Room Reservations at the hotel can be made by calling 1-800-206-2747 or 1-321-783-2271 and stating you are with the Air Weather Association reunion.  The rates are $72.00 per night single-quad plus applicable taxes.  Suites may be available at $152 per night. It is a full service hotel with an outdoor pool, restaurants, outside gathering/sitting areas, extensive beach area and plenty of free parking spacePlease call in your reservation by 7 April 2004 to guarantee a room at reunion discount rates.  Cancellation deadline for hotel rooms is  72 hours prior to arrival.

     For more information on the hotel and a map of the area, see Reunion information on the AWA Web site

     Reunion attendees not staying at the Hotel are welcome in the Reunion Hospitality room, hotel restaurants, and other common areas. 

     Members with RVs may wish to stay at nearby park/campground facilities. Please contact Kevin Lavin via phone 434-296-2832 or e-mail if you need a list of nearby parks.  

See you in Cocoa Beach in April!

Please Do NOT print this form for your reunion registration!!!  Print the PDF version on the reunion page.






Reunion Headquarters: Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, 1300 N. Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931; (321) 783-2271


Name of AWA Member:  ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________________________Telephone No.: _______________________


ALL MEMBERS WANTING TO ATTEND MUST REGISTER BEFORE *1 APRIL 2004.*   Please complete both sides of this form and mail it along with a check or money order covering all fees to arrive at the reunion organizer by 1 April 2004.  Mail to:


Air Weather Association Reunion, Don Farrington, 4149 Silver Hill Court, Snellville, GA 30039-6978



DO YOU OR YOUR GUEST(S) HAVE ANY DISABILITY OR DIETARY NEEDS THAT REQUIRE SPECIAL ATTENTION?  Please inform us on a separate piece of paper and submit it with this form.



BASIC REUNION PACKAGE:                                                                                                                         (HOW MANY x $$$ = $TOTAL)



                            Hospitality Room (daily) + Registration fee + Friday and Saturday evening dinners        _____x  $75.00 =  $ ______

On Friday evening, a (casual) buffet dinner with many choices will be provided.

On Saturday evening, a seated banquet dinner will be provided – please make your selections (enter # of each)

   _____ London Broil (Beef)          _____ Mango Mahi Mahi (Fish)          _____ Chicken Picatta           _____ Vegetarian Meal

SCHEDULE & OPTIONS TO ADD TO BASIC REUNION PACKAGE (please see more detailed information in the AWA Newsletter and in your unit/squadron association newsletters as applicable):


Wednesday, 28 April 2004     -- mainly an early arrival day --

                4:00pm AWA Hospitality room in Holiday Inn opens for early check-in and meeting old and new friends.


Thursday, 29 April

                8:30am – 12:00pm Tour to Patrick AFB via shuttle bus to see WC-130 Static Display                  _____x   $7.00 =  $_______                (Handicapped can take own car for easier parking and drop-off, if they have approved pass/decal)

                1:00pm – 4:30pm  Tour AF Space & Missile Museum on Cape Canaveral AF Station                   _____x $10.00 =  $_______

              Evening – separate Unit/Squadron Association dinners at hotel or local restaurants (Contact Your Unit Chairperson)


Friday, 30 April

                8:30am – 3:30pm – Tour Kennedy Space Center with full-time tour guide                                              _____x $46.00 =  $_______

                1:00pm – Golf Tournament – Shotgun start   $25.00 fee, cart & prizes  (max 72 individuals)        _____x $25.00 =  $_______

                7:00pm – Buffet Dinner - 2nd floor Ballroom (max 420) overflow in adjacent rooms – part of Basic Reunion Package


Saturday, 1 May

                8:30am – 3:30pm – Tour Kennedy Space Center with full-time tour guide                                              _____x $46.00 =  $_______

                6:00pm Social Hour, 7:00pm Banquet - 2nd floor Ballroom (max 420) overflow in adjacent rooms

                                      – part of Basic Reunion Package

Sunday, 2 May

                8:00am – 10:30am  Breakfast Buffet in Ballroom                                                                                          _____x $12.00 =  $_______

                                       Scheduled reunion activities adjourn thereafter.


Commemorative Caps and Shirts: If you completed an order on back of form, please list total cost here also:                      $_______


ENCLOSE CHECK or MONEY ORDER payable to “Air Weather Association Reunion” for GRAND TOTAL of:    $_______


Please complete this side of the Registration Form also and make yourself a copy of both sides for later reference.

Print names below (first or nickname only, plus last name) for NAME BADGES to be prepared:

Member_____________________________________ Spouse_______________________________________


Guest_______________________________________ Guest ________________________________________


If you wish, please choose tablemates at or before reunion for Friday evening buffet and Saturday evening banquet.  Table areas will be assigned/reserved by banquet room capacities in order of receipt of this registration form.  If you wish to be seated with a specific unit/group, please check or write-in a name or unit below as desired. 

___________   ______     __________      _____    ______     ______________         ______________________  

Open Seating        Singles     15 & 20 WS     17 WS     18 WS      RECON (AWRA)                   WRITE-IN

Are you staying at the Reunion hotel? (Check): Yes_______ No_______.  Please call in your reservation to the Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Hotel (1-800-206-2747 or 1-321-783-2271) by 7 April 2004 to guarantee a room at reunion discount rates of $72 for single-quad plus tax and $152 for suites/lofts plus taxes. 

Cancellation deadline:  72 hours prior to arrival.

To help the reunion committee plan ahead, please indicate your travel plans.  Anticipated arrival date/time at hotel ____________________ .  Arriving Via (Check)  Air at Orlando ___ then rental car __ or shuttle bus ___;    RV/Motor home ___;    Bus/Train ___;    Air at Melbourne ___  then rental car ___ or shuttle bus ___;   Car ___

Local area resident commuting by car ____

Do you have special transportation and/or housing requirements (please also inform the hotel when making your reservation)?  Yes ___ Requirements are: ______________________________________________________________________________________

AWA REUNION REGISTRATION CANCELLATIONS ARE FULLY REFUNDABLE IF NOTICE IS RECEIVED BY 23 April 2004.  Send cancellation notices to the Reunion Organizer Don Farrington by phone at: (770) 985-2240 or e-mail:  Cancellations received after 23 April, but 72 hours before any reunion activity for which you hold a reservation, will be honored IF the space can be sold to a member on the space available list.  The reunion committee will not broker the sale of cancellations nor accept add-on/exchanges of optional tours at the reunion.  However, the committee will refund the total costs of the AWA dining function(s) if cancellation notice is received by the committee at the hotel not later than 72 hours prior to the function. FOR CANCELLATION NOTICES AFTER 25 April 2004, please telephone the Holiday Inn at            (321) 783-2271 and leave a message for Don Farrington or e-mail:


The Air Weather Association, its directors and committee members are not liable for any damages, injuries or inconvenience incurred to reunion attendees. The AWA directors & committee members have arranged the reunion and events solely for the enjoyment of AWA members and their spouses and guests.  When you submit this form for registration you agree to be held personally responsible for damages and injuries resulting from your, your spouse or guest's actions. 



Caps and short-sleeve golf shirts are available for reunion attendees.  They will have a special logo printed on them showing “Air Weather Association" on the hats and "Air Weather Association – Cocoa Beach 2004” on the shirts.


Cap, low-profile golf style, white, one size fits all:    (how many caps) ___ x $8  = $__________


Shirt (list # per size):  Sm (34-36) ___; Med (38-40) ___; Lge (42-44) ____; Xtra Lge (46-48) ____; XX Lge (50-52) ___                                 

How many white shirts    __ x $17 = $ _______.       How many tan-khaki shirts      __ x $17 = $ _______.       

Total cost of caps & shirts: $ ________(Enter cost on front page of form at second last line to add into GRAND TOTAL.)

For further information, please contact Don Farrington at (770) 985-2240 or or