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Air Force Weather Agency wins AFA award

The Air Force Weather Agency here, was awarded the Theodore Von Karman Award Sept. 13 by the Air Force Association for its outstanding scientific contributions to national defense.

The Air Force Weather Agency was named winner of this prestigious award for superb contributions and support during Kosovo and Bosnia; continuing excellence in implementing a total reengineering; and the transition of the 55th Space Weather Squadron from the Air Force Space Command to AFWA.

The award, named for Dr. Theodore von Karman, a Master Scientist and Aero Engineer, was presented to Colonel Charles French, Air Force Weather Agency commander during the Secretary of the Air Force's luncheon held in Washington D.C.

"The men and women of the Air Force Weather Agency work hard every day to successfully accomplish a difficult mission," French said.   "I accepted the award on their behalf; they truly are the ones who deserve the credit."

AFWA, the largest meteorology computing center in the world, greatly
improved flight safety, and mission effectiveness of low-level flights in
rough terrain and poor weather. As a result, Air Force Weather achieved initial strike mission forecast accuracy of 93% for the first-day air strikes during operation Allied Force.

"Commanders knew how and when weather would affect combat operations because of the success of the entire Air Force Weather team," French said.

In 1999, AFWA produced more than 395,000 weather products every 24 hours, and issued 32,000 warnings for 165 locations with 94% accuracy, not only saving human lives but also protecting billions of dollars in resources.

The transition of the 55th Space Weather Squadron to AFWA, with its extensive computing power, will allow more products and improve forecast frequency and accuracy.  AFWA contributed to National defense with greatly improved and expanded weather support for customers ranging from combat forces to National Programs.

"I am proud of the men and women of the Air Force Weather Agency, not only because they earned this award, but because of their daily commitment to excellence.  The men and women of AFWA not only want to get the job done, they take great pride in doing it right -- in doing it best," French said.

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