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Air Force Weather

  I had a visit Wednesday from Stan Coffman's wife, Alice.  I showed her the Obit you had put on the Web Page about her husband Stan ( Ret Chief...not Senior). Anyway, she is now living in the AF Widows home here in Ft Walton Beach and is on a crusade to get funding for the Home and asked me if I could help, especially with the weather folks . I told her she might want to send a letter to the Air Weather Assn as I felt that was the best way to contact most of the weather folks.  She said she was going to send you a letter. .  I'm not one who gets out on these crusades and therefore decided the Web might be a good place to go if you or the Assoc. deemed it so. I have no idea what's in the letter but I thought I'd better give you a heads up.
Joe Kerwin

Hello there.  My name is Alice Coffman, wife of C/Mst. Stan Coffman.  I lost my beloved Stan on July 24th, 2000.  In November of 2000, I moved from Melbourne,  Fl. to the AF Enlisted Widows Foundation here in Shalimar, Fla. near Eglin AFB.  This is the reason I am writing to you.  I am so blessed being able to live here and if anything happens to any of you and you want a wonderful place for your wives to be secure and looked after, this is the place.  Most of us have families to care for us but like me, I want to be independent.  It is like being in an apartment complex but we are all in the same boat.  Our CEO, Chief Jim Binnicker and staff are doing everything they can do to raise funds to build an assistant living and nursing home here so when we ladies get to where we cannot care for ourselves, we can move to the new complex.  I can't express how important it is for so many of the ladies are older and so alone, especially our ladies who came from abroad and have no families. In the new Afterburner there is a big write up on the Foundation and how donations can be sent or taken out of your retirement pay.  If every retired AF person could send $5.00 a month, the price of a drink or hamburg, we could get this project off the ground and it would make a lot of women really happy.  Wish you could all come and visit and see for yourselves our home.  You would be so proud as I know all our husbands' are looking down on us, seeing how we are surviving as we always have from the day we took our wedding vows and traveled, left alone etc. while they were doing their mission.  Please help us get this project off the ground.  
God Bless you all and thank you, Mrs. Stanley (Alice) Coffman   30 Holly Ave.  Apt 203-A.,  Shalimar, Fl. 32579

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