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Here is a picture of Jason Morgan far left and TJ Sopher middle and William Barnwell far right while they were deployed in Ecuador. This was a couple days before Jason's accident.
William Barnwell on the right in the picture is the Outstanding AF Weather Airman of the Year from Det 5, 10th Combat Weather Squadron.

From Lt Col Funk: Jason sounded great today (8 Sep 99). He wanted to know how he could get in touch with some of his friends and wanted to be invited to the next AFSOC PT test. He liked the idea of doing something for the Weather Parachutists Association (Johnny's idea). Jason also wanted to let all of us know that he and his family appreciated the support he's gotten from everyone since the accident. Couldn't have done it without you guys...thanks. Here is his info. 
Jason and Carla Morgan 
25417 Walker South Road, Denham Springs LA 70726

From MSgt Johnnie Reid: Well – It’s 24 Sep now, and I just got off the phone with Jason. He’s doing VERY well, and has even been walking with crutches and special braces! The doctors have said his recovery has been 
significantly improved by his superior physical fitness, but that should come as no surprise. He’s hopeful to be chosen as a candidate for some cutting-edge nerve grafting surgery that has enjoyed some amazing success. I’m sure we all wish him luck with being chosen for it! He agreed to assist us in the WPA with web site design and may even end up being our webmaster, once the new site gets up and running. He feels it’s one way he can show his appreciation for all the support and encouragement he has received from his Airborne Brothers and Sisters. He really sounds in good spirits, and wanted to extend his thanks to all of us for helping him and his family in their time of crisis. I told him it was our pleasure to help out a fellow Airborne Brother! 

Taking Care of Our Own - SrA Jason Morgan Fund
Please take a moment to read this accident account and related
correspondence. One of our "own" in  Air Force Weather was seriously injured
earlier in June 99 while deployed in support of our nation.  Our hearts and
prayers go out to him, his wife, and 3 young children, as well as the injured
soldiers.  A special fund is available for donations to help the AF weather
family -- see below.
 LWS_MRGN.jpg (15045 bytes)
SrA Jason Morgan with BGen Fred Lewis during the AF Director of
Weather's  visit to Ft Bragg in January 1999

SrA Jason Morgan is an airborne-qualified weather forecaster assigned to OL-A,10th Combat Weather Squadron, Hunter AAF, GA.  He was deployed on a real-world mission in Ecuador supporting the 160th Special OperationsAviation Regiment (SOAR).  While deployed he was involved in a line-of-duty accident.  Two US Army soldiers and SrA Morgan were riding in a vehicle that overturned and seriously injured all three.  SrA Morgan was face down in a contaminated ditch for an unspecified period of time and was diagnosed as a "near drowning victim."  He ingested a lot of contaminated water into his lungs that only compounded the problem.  One of the soldiers and SrA Morgan also sustained severe back injuries.  Those two were medevac'd to Wilford Hall in San Antonio TX where they are being treated.  Short term prognosis for SrA Morgan is better  -- he is no longer fighting for his life.  Long term is not so good -- Permanent paralysis from the chest down is likely. 

SrA Morgan has a wife and three very young children (3 yrs old, 1 1/2 yrs
old, and 6 mos old).  All are currently at Wilford Hall at Jason's bedside. 
As you can imagine, this family is in for an extremely difficult financial
bind.  Their short-term needs are many and their long term needs are too
great to even think about.  Please keep the Morgans in your prayers.

The 10th CWS has set up a fund for the Morgans and they've begun to take
donations.  Any and all donations will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

From Lt Col Scott Funk, Commander 10th CWS --
I am deeply moved by your show of support for SrA Morgan, Carla, and
their three children.  We have set up a not-for-profit fund at a local bank
for Jason and his family, to cover their immediate needs.  If you would like
to make a donation the following information is provided:
Account Name:  Jason Morgan Fund  (this is the name any future checks will be made out to)

Account Number:  0174556

Routing Number:  063206207

Bank:  First National Bank and Trust
           29 Eglin Parkway, P.O. Drawer 1327
          Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549

The last two items, Routing Number and Bank, will be necessary if anyone
wants to wire money directly into the account. 
If you want to send donations to us our address is:
10 CWS
210 Bennett Avenue
Hurlburt Field FL 32544-5706

I talked with Dr. Talbert at Wilford Hall on 15 June.  Jason is alert, he
recognizes his wife and children and is talking with the doctors.  They still
have to do a complete neurological examination to determine if there was any neurological damage, but at this point things look promising.  He has developed a respiratory infection as a result of having the breathing tube in for so long, but
hopefully this will only be a minor speedbump on the road to recovery.  They
have not set a date for the surgery to stabilize his spine.  Thank you, Scott

Additional information:

Jason was a member of the Texas Air Guard's 181st Weather Flight, prior to
entering active duty.  MSgt Larry Beck of the 181st sent a note referencing
their intent to support this worthy cause.  He's also working on getting the
Texas Air Guard energized as well. 

An earlier message from Lt Col Scott Funk -
All,  I have a new hero...her name is Carla Morgan. I was with Carla this
past Saturday morning (12 June) at Wilford Hall when Dr. Papier explained Jason's
condition, and his immediate and far future. She never flinched and at the
end said, "I guess this is what God has prepared me for." If I'm ever in a
similar situation, I hope I have half the courage she showed. Jason's
condition has stabilized. His lungs are healing and death is no longer
imminent. He is still heavily sedated and on a respirator until they feel
his lungs are ready to function on their own. They will begin to reduce the
sedation today (Sunday) or tomorrow in an effort to bring him out of the
induced coma and determine if his mental faculties were affected by the near
drowning. They will also determine if he can withstand surgery to stabilize
his back injury. That surgery will occur sometime between Monday and Friday
of this week. Once the back is stabilized they will be able to determine the
extent of his paralysis. Right now they believe he will be paralyzed from
about the mid-chest down. The doctor believes that within a month Jason will
be boarded by a medical evaluation board and medically retired and moved to
an area of his choice that has a VA hospital with a spinal rehab unit.
Dallas, Tx, is a possibility since his parents currently live there. Now,
more than ever, Jason, Carla, and their children need your thoughts,
prayers, and support. The future holds many unknowns for them. Also, please
let's not forget SPC Travis Hamilton. He was involved in the accident with
Jason and also suffered a severe spinal cord injury. He will be paralyzed
from about the waist down. He needs your prayers also. I was extremely
impressed with the level and quality of care they received at Wilford Hall.
There are angels everywhere, and a bunch of them have gathered at Lackland.
If you ever see any of the following people, say thank you, buy them a beer,
whatever we can do so that they know their caring and generosity have not
gone unnoticed: - Dr. Lt Col Kenneth Papier, Attending Physician, Critical
Care Service. Tremendous skills, great bedside manner and cares as much
about the family as the patient. - Darla Sekimoto, LMSW, Hospital Social
Worker. Continues to make sure Carla Morgan and their children get the
physical and spiritual support they need to get through the crisis. - MSgt
Sylvia Flores, Family Support Center, Lackland. Has bent over backwards to
arrange AFAS support, and provide the physical things Carla needs to set up
house at Lackland until Jason can go home. - Ms. Marilyn Goldrum, Asst.
Manager, TLF, Lackland. Somehow arranged to get Carla and her family on base
in the Temporary Living Facility when everyone said there was nothing else
available.  And there are many more.
Thanks. SF

The Air Weather Association first received this news on 14 June from Johnny
Reid of the Weather Parachutist's Association.  He is deployed in Kuwait and
heard the news from others in AFSOC.  Since then, e-mail messages have been
spread through many commands by AF Weather Chiefs, AFSOC and even AF weather
personnel at Space Command.  We take care of our own!
Update -- On 29 June, Jason just got out of surgery for stabilizing his
and things went well, no complications. Jason has feeling down to the belly
button area, however, the doctor thinks that's as good as it'll get. If
things continue to progress as expected, he should be out of that hospital
and into rehab in about 10 days.

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