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Forecaster! by Ted Cogut



Forecaster!  Battling the Weather Odds in Peace and War, by Air Weather Association member Theodore L. "Ted" Cogut is a book that is being well received by readers interested in the history of meteorology. Covering the time period from World War II to the present era including a brief consideration of 9/11, this book chronicles the organization that comprised the nucleus of weather forecasting pioneers as it pictures the adventures of a weatherman and his family who is taken from the Army Air Corps, to the Air Force, to the Army Artillery and even to a memorable association with the Marine Corps.  With humor, dignity, and pathos the author takes you to duty locations in the Midwest, New England, Washington, DC, Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, and Vietnam.  6X9, hardcover, 345 pages, indexed, over 100 maps, drawings or photos, some in color.  Retail price $24.95, $4.50 for shipping.  This is typical of the comments received:  "I am happy to see that someone has finally taken the time and effort to tell the story of a great organization and the folks that comprised the nucleus of weather forecasting pioneers.  You have achieved it with aplomb" .retired USAF Lt. Colonel.  Order from any of the following:
Mailing address:  Mining History, PO Box 1319, Thatcher, AZ  85552.
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                Phone:  (520) 299-1949, or (929) 348-9299
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