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    Air Weather Reconnaissance Association (AWRA) will hold its year 2000 reunion in conjunction with the Air Weather Association at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, 20-24 September 2000.  A separate dinner is planned for Thursday evening, 21 September, a tour for Friday morning and an AWRA member meeting on Saturday morning in the hospitality rooms.  For more information, contact the AWRA President, David Magilavy, 1405 Clay Street, Newport Beach CA 92663-5330; Tel: 949-631-7607; Fax: 949-631-4110; e-mail:   If you need membership information contact David or AWRA Vice President for Membership:  Glen Sharp, 306 Sunset Lane, Belton, MO 64012; Tel: (816) 331-2039. 

    David wrote: In September 1999, the AWRA had a very successful and enjoyable reunion in San Diego at the Town and Country Hotel.  The age of our members is showing, as our 1998 attendance near Kansas City was about 85; in San Diego it dropped to 78. It used to be between 100-125 attendees except for the one we had in Sacramento, which was about 225. Notwithstanding, the camaraderie that I observed, was most impressive.  MGen Tom Aldrich spoke about his 3-year tour (1962-65) in Victoria, Australia commanding the 57th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron with a group of WB-57s (with extended wings that made them look more like U-2s).  He was base commander (the only one in AWS) and spoke of the unique problems (solved, of course) resulting from the differences in cultures between Yanks and Aussies.  Ladies were not permitted in the officers’ club so the American gatherings were held in the base library!  

    The single remaining Wx Recon Squadron (53rd – Hurricane Hunters) at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi is the only weather reconnaissance squadron in the Air Force and it is a reserve squadron. They fly hurricane recon during the Atlantic Hurricane season and atmospheric research during the quiet times.  Of late we have had a few of the younger people from the 53rd join us but generally our membership is primarily WWII and Korean War with some few Vietnam veterans. So our aging population is of some concern to us in terms of the life-span of AWRA. We invite all individuals who were ever assigned to a weather reconnaissance unit to join the AWRA.

    The AWRA Reunion for 2001 will be held in Denver, Colorado, 19-23 September 2001.  AWRA Life Member, James “Jim” Coyle volunteered to manage it.  The reunion hotel will be the Denver Marriott Tech Center. More information will be published to AWRA members in upcoming AWRA newsletters and be posted on the AWA Web site: 

    6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Alumni Association  had their annual reunion from 24–27 June 1999 in Oklahoma City.  The next reunion will also be in Oklahoma City from 14 to 18 May 2001.  For further information, contact Don Garbutt at 204 W Ercoupe Drive, Midwest City OK 73110-5516; (405) 737-3285.

    18th Weather Squadron alumni will hold their year 2000 reunion in conjunction with the AWA at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, 20-24 September 2000. For further information contact:  Arthur W. Gulliver, 5119 South 81st Street, Omaha NE 68127; (402) 331-4032. George Horn visited The Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum in Savannah, Georgia, and was happy to see the 18th Weather Squadron highlighted with a display of weather equipment in a mock up of a WW II weather station – they had just finished hanging a weather balloon. Thanks to Art Howe and other members in the Savannah area for helping to setup that exhibit.  George says, “the museum is a must see – so is the one at Warner-Robins.”

    A reunion for 1st Weather Wing Korean War Veterans (50's to 60's) was held in Omaha, Nebraska, from 26-28 September 1999.   Most of the people attending were stationed at Offutt during the 50's and 60's. They enjoyed tours of Omaha including the SAC Air Museum, Offutt AFB and HQs Air Force Weather Agency. They will be joining with the AWA in Las Vegas for the year 2000 reunion. For further information contact:  Bill Whatley at (281) 488-6883, e-mail:

    15th & 20th Weather Squadrons Association  reunion will be held with the AWA Reunion 2000.   Their 1999 reunion was held in April in Manassas VA and the following officers were elected for the next 2 years: Hal Todd, President; Robert Erickson, VP; Jack Reed, Secy/Treas and Jack D. Rusack is their Newsletter Editor.  For questions regarding the 15th and 20th Weather Squadrons Association contact: Hal Todd, 909 Woodlane Avenue, Rockford IL 61107-3732; (815) 399-4529; e-mail:

    Hal wrote that one of their members, Luke Campeau, was recently elected president of the A.G.O.M. (American Guerrillas of Mindanao) Association.  Luke sent in information on the A.G.O.M. Their motto is, “We Remained 1941-1945.”  When the Japanese took over the Island of Mindanao, 136 Americans hid in the jungles instead of surrendering.  They survived and continually harassed the Japanese until Gen. MacArthur recaptured the Philippines. They were also joined later by others (including Luke and other 15WS members) who came to the islands by submarine to provide weather reports and surveillance of enemy troop and ship activities in preparation for MacArthur’s return. The A.G.O.M. have had reunions every two years since 1945.

     WW II 17th Weather Squadron Association —Weather Merchants will have their next reunion with the AWA reunion 2000.  A squadron dinner is planned. For information contact, Frank J. Brusca, 5643-D Harpers Farm Road, Columbia MD 21044-2019; (410) 997-2157; e-mail: 

   Frank sent in the sad announcement that, “Jim Van Dyne passed away on 3 May 2000.  Jim was the one who got us organized and single-handedly held us together.  We will all miss him.”                           

   3349th Technical Training Squadron, Dept. of Weather Training alumni. This group is made up of weather forecaster and observer course instructors and support personnel assigned to Chanute from the mid-40s through mid-50s. They will hold their next reunion with AWA Reunion 2000.  For further info and/or to be added to their mailing list, contact: Paul W. Schlotterbeck, 3349th TTS Reunion Coordinator, 1130 Ashley Way, Susanville CA 96130-6013; (530) 251-2462; e-mail:

    ROWF – Retired Old Weather Friends The Washington, D.C. area retired weather officers are still holding bi-monthly meetings at the Fort Myer Officers’ Club — a tradition that has continued for several years now.  The gathering normally begins at about 5:30 PM on the second Thursday of odd numbered months.  For more information contact: Dave Pace (703) 490-6894,; or John Lasley (410) 229-7524,

   The Space Coast – Central Florida region AWA  has seasonal functions.  For further information and to be added to their mailing list, contact: Hyko Gayikian, 510 S River Oaks Drive, Indialantic FL 32903-4615; (321) 723-4777.

   21st Weather Squadron, 40th Mobile Comm Squadron, AAF, WW II contact: Irv Kirch, 34 Hoss Road, Indianapolis, IN 46217; (317) 786-6858; e-mail:

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