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Roster Info

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To view the roster, you must enter your user name and password as sent to you.  Please contact the webmaster to get your user name and password. 

Forgot your User Name or Password?  Click here to get a new one.  Please give your name so we can validate it.

If you have any spam filters set up on your e-mail account, you will need to give permission to us to reply to you.  If you do not get a response within 36-48 hours, it is likely due to your email program blocking us from answering you.   We will not fill out access request forms or anything else to send you the information you asked us for.

 Please note that your user name and password are "case sensitive", a mix of lower and upper case letters along with special characters, and must be entered exactly as sent to you.  This is to provide as much security of personal information as we can reasonably expect.

Please check the box to have your browser remember your user name and password so it will remember you if you lose the e-mail with the logon info.

Click here to view the roster.

The complete roster is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.  You must have the reader installed on your computer to view the roster.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can get it here.

To keep the file size down to a manageable level, the print may show up too small for your eyes.  To correct that, you can adjust the size in Acrobat using the toolbar at the top of the page. 

The complete roster is over 120 pages so be careful if you print it out.  You do have the capability with Adobe Acrobat to print out select pages if you wish.

Every attempt is made to ensure the roster is current.  There is an "as of" date on each page for your reference. 

All of the information on the roster and the web site is maintained/updated by volunteers who usually have a regular day job so additions/corrections, etc. may take a little while to update.  Please keep that in mind.  If you have time to spend on helping in any way with those functions, then by all means, let us know and we'd be happy to have the help. 

E-mail addresses and to a certain extent, home addresses have a tendency to be fluid so what we show may not always be correct. 

Finally, much thought has been given to allow members the ability to update their information.  We have that capability but there are security issues with that and anyone would have the ability to change any information on the database, not just their own.  You wouldn't want someone else to be able to change your information without your knowledge.  So with that in mind, there is going to be only one database and your changes will need to be sent in as before.





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Reunion Pictures

ALL reunion pics
have moved.
Click here to see them.

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